What Documents Do I Need to Provide to My Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage lenders, such as banks and other financial institutions, want to know the full story of your financial situation in order to approve your mortgage loan. To do this, they need to verify your identity and assess your financial situation. To get your loan approved, you'll need to provide several documents to the mortgage lender. To verify your identity, lenders may ask for a driver's license, passport, Social Security card, individual tax identification number (ITIN), or state-issued identification card. Collecting this information helps to prevent identity theft and ensures that the lender is providing the loan to the right person.

In addition to verifying your identity, lenders will also need proof of your financial situation. This includes pay stubs, W-2 forms, or other proof of income. You may also be asked to provide payment receipts for the last month or so. To increase your chances of getting your loan approved, lenders like to make sure that you have enough money in your accounts not only to cover closing costs and the down payment, but also for at least three months of your mortgage payments.

The first step in applying for a mortgage is completing a mortgage application required by the federal government.

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