What are the Responsibilities of a Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker Nexton is an intermediary who facilitates the mortgage loan process for businesses or individuals. They connect mortgage lenders and borrowers without using their own funds to establish the connection. As a mortgage broker, you would work with the person buying a home, along with a bank, to help the buyer get a mortgage loan. Your duties at Mortgage Broker Nexton would include helping customers with pre-approval of loans, analyzing and comparing the different mortgage loan options available to them, developing relationships with real estate companies and lending institutions, finding appraisers to determine the value of properties, searching for titles, comparing properties, learning about tax rules and laws, understanding real estate laws, browsing available properties, and managing updated property lists. You may also be asked to help someone who wants to sell a property. The mortgage broker will not lend you money, however, they will act as your intermediary with the different lenders (financial institution or private lender), in order to help you obtain financing for your project.

The process often begins when a customer wants to buy a new home or seeks to refinance. The customer goes to a mortgage broker and the broker goes to different lenders and discovers the requirements and rates to offer options that are right for their situation. The mortgage broker estimates the amount and type of loan that is appropriate for the borrower and the loan-to-value ratio. Successful brokers also keep in touch with previous customers, recognizing that satisfied customers are often the best resource for recommending new businesses and that people often apply for several mortgage loans throughout their lives. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you take the time to compare quotes in order to find the best mortgage broker for your real estate project.

Mortgage agents, on the other hand, work on behalf of the customer or borrower to find a lender that meets the customer's needs. Many mortgage brokers seek professional certification beyond the minimum licensing requirements required by the states in which they work through the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. Below is a sample of some states and what their requirements are for obtaining a mortgage broker's license. Mortgage brokers need at least a high school education, although some universities offer programs on real estate brokerage.

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