What Disqualifies You from Becoming a Mortgage Broker?

The minimum requirements of the SAFE Act state that no one can obtain a mortgage loan originator (MLO) license if they have committed a serious crime in the past 7 years or if they have ever had a crime related to financial services, such as fraud, theft, bribery, forgery of checks, etc. The new rules also require national background checks for mortgage broker applicants. Certain criminals, such as those who launder money and those whose crimes involve fraud or dishonesty, will be prohibited from obtaining a license. It will be up to the state to define which crimes will qualify for the lifetime ban.

Becoming a mortgage loan agent, or MLO, specifically with a mortgage broker independent of the wholesale channel, is an attractive career path that offers flexibility, unlimited income potential and growth. Mortgage loan officers or mortgage loan originators are representatives of independent mortgage agencies that evaluate and originate residential mortgage loan approvals for borrowers and often facilitate the process through approval and closing. The average wage is that income in which half of the mortgage agents earn less and the other half more. Many members of law enforcement are surprised by how easy it is for a criminal to obtain a mortgage broker's license.

To be successful in their quest to become a mortgage broker, it's essential that criminals are honest about their background. He or she has the ability to compare mortgage rates with those of various banks and mortgage lenders to find the best lending program. A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between a homebuyer and a lender, and works on behalf of the borrower to find the lowest interest rate for a mortgage loan. Those ex-convicts are among the hundreds of people with convictions ranging from prostitution and drunk driving to robberies and armed robberies who obtained state permits to work as mortgage loan originators, commonly called loan agents, a profession that works with minimal state oversight.

A number of schools offer courses, training programs, or certifications for mortgage brokers or loan officers. Deleting your history and documenting any additional training or education programs could make the essential difference for an offender to become a mortgage broker. If you're interested in joining the wholesale mortgage industry, read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about how to become and excel as a home loan broker. Some experts say that access to other people's money attracted many ex-convicts to the business, especially during the height of subprime mortgages.

The areas of the country that pay mortgage agents the most are the east and west coasts of the country. For many criminals, eliminating their crime can give them the opportunity they need to start with a clean record and become mortgage brokers. It's a major challenge, but it could be worth it for a criminal who wants to become a mortgage broker. During the loan process, the mortgage broker communicates with the bank and the borrower so that the loan process goes smoothly. In order to become a successful mortgage broker, it is important for individuals with criminal backgrounds to understand what disqualifies them from obtaining an MLO license.

The SAFE Act requires all applicants to undergo national background checks before they can be approved for licensure. Those convicted of serious crimes within seven years prior to applying will not be eligible for licensure. Additionally, those convicted of crimes related to financial services such as fraud, theft, bribery or forgery may be prohibited from obtaining an MLO license. In order to increase your chances of becoming a successful mortgage broker, it is important for individuals with criminal backgrounds to take steps towards eliminating their criminal record. This may include deleting their history or documenting any additional training or education programs they have completed since their conviction.

Additionally, individuals should research schools that offer courses or certifications related to becoming a mortgage broker or loan officer. Finally, individuals should consider relocating to areas on either coast where there is higher demand for mortgage brokers. This will increase their chances of finding success in this field as well as earning higher wages.

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